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The Mutant Epoch regional settings, adventure supplements and fiction take place in about the year 2364 and many of the published books happen to be set in and around the great megalopolis of former Las Angeles, California. The collapse of the old civilization was not a sudden apocalyptic event, but rather the gradual erosion of human dominance, the spread of civil strife, anarchy and the rise of machines and mutants. For nearly two hundred years, the chaos and war raged even as corporate nations, city states, religious and political factions grew; so too, technologies continued to advance. Due to the militarized nature of life in the twenty first and second centuries, a particular focus was made of biogenetic engineering, cybernetics, weapon systems, and robotics. Synthetic humans, mutants and robotic slaves of all manner were part of both civilian and military life. While the inevitable slave rebellions over the final decades certainly contributed to the demise of humanity, it is surmised by new era historians that the mecha, under the control of various evil artificial intelligences, initiated the final great global war. It was this final war which broke the era of human dominance on earth. After more than a century, human civilization has only barley recovered, existing in pockets where warlords, raider chieftains, cultists and extremist factions compete in a new dark ages with the feudal systems of old being the only form of law and order. It is a setting where humanity, in all its forms, strives to survive in a world of hostile machines, crazed mutant beasts, and barbarity amid the moss covered ruinscapes and wastelands, tangled forests and stinking, toxic swamps of The Mutant Epoch.

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